Open Space for Innovation

It is not hard to find a place to work, but a place to grow inspiration and passion is another story. That is why you need Lung Vang whose open sapce gives you one-of-a-kind chance to go through your every intersting idea.

A collection of global citizens

Diversity in Lung Vang exists in not only nationalities and genders but also the types of people working here. There is no need to be amazed about how many very different characteristics can be mixed smoothly in large teams here when we orientate at “open space” culture.

Expand beyond the traditions

Once walking inside Lung Vang, you will be amazed with an office full of unanticipated things from colorful uniforms, flexible working hours to diverse activities.

In a world that everyone declares to be different, we make different in actions not just a declaration, breaking all what we find unsuitable and stoppable inspirations, taking risks of trying never-seen-before methods in producing and managing.

Work in your own way

At Lung Vang, we give you directions and you take responsibility to find out instructions on your own. There is no need for you to sit 8 hours per day worrying about supervision from hard boss since we don’t care about how much time you spend but how many results you can deliver.

The freedom we give to you can not be found anywhere else. You are comfortable to treat your tasks with your unique ways and even upgrade it as a new working method, then, sharing with other collegues.