You can be the best version of yourself once you are LVer

For a very long-lasting life, Lung Vang is your best choice because we allow members to enjoy a well-balanced combination of academics, outdoor activities, social contributions and self-development.

Be wiser with our camping trips

How you imagine about a person at technology companies with timidity, embarrassment and cooling will never be true in Lung Vang. Regular teambuilding keeps our persons not only active, open-minded as they originally are but even much more reactive to any derivative from their daily life.

For Lung Vang, teambuilding is not a gathering of people going outside together, but a Sealnet team trained under difficult challenges forcing them to explore their all both personal and team abilities.

Be stronger with our sports club

That going to work and following sports passion can not always be parallel maybe true in anywhere else but Lung Vang. Our sports club offers a space for meetings of same souls and hearts, then, resulting in meaningful weekend hours besides passionate guys.

Currently, we focus on football mini games on Saturday afternoon with the participation of all staffs; yet, in the near future, our club’s operation will be much more diversified with other intersting types of sports, making it suitable and adaptable to any staff.

Be friendlier with our events

In Lung Vang, there is no need to worry that dedication to work returns in your lost of relationships. On the other hand, thanks to our weekly expert meet-up, your network will be enlarged with people from all walks of life outside the company. For people inside, running events together stabilizes their current relationships, lifting them from collegues to family members.