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Make your career

At Lung Vang, we give you enough tools that you can build your own path to success.

Be whoever

There is no boundary on the career road you want to conquer in Lung Vang.

Explore yourself

The challenging workspace in Lung Vang forces you to grow up any given day.


Lung Vang program offers not only internship placements but also rigorous training courses, speaker series and mentorship from experts. Participants will also enjoy valuable networking opportunities with executives and high profile managers from our partner firms. Furthermore, students will actively envolve in community activities and meaniful events through various community engagement initiatives at local organizations and social enterprises.

Each year, we have two Internship programs called: Spring Interns (from December to May) and Summer Interns (from Juin to November). When the internship expires, potential participants can become a part of Lung Vang or be recommended to our wide network of partners based on their abilities and expectations.

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The program targets undergraduates as well as graduate students from both overseas and within the country with the following desired attributes:

Leadership potentials

Once people can control their own life, people can help them develop well.

Commitment to community

We support the development of next-generation human resources who will drive the sustainable development of society.

Clear career orientations

Only those who posess great expectations in their career can keep their ways well in such a self-study place like Lung Vang.

Appetite for learning

What we can convey in our program is never enough; hence, we promote the spirit of lifelong learning from all interns.

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Application process

Despite targeting at “open space” culture, we keep efforts in creating a professional environment
where work must be smart and play is smarter. Therefore, our recruitment process focuses much on how to find people with the same orientations.

The process comprises the steps of recruitment.

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    Round 1

    Application form: Introduce yourself to us, make sure that we can get what you present.

  • .

    Round 2

    Test: Your result of exams, IQ, EQ, writting essays can make proofs for what you talk to us in your form.

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    Round 3

    Assessment: You have time to make good impression and persuade us that you are the one we want.