Creative ideas

Our products are not just made for the demand but also for inspiring customers.

Excellent features

Bearing the factors that can move the toughest hearts is the only expectation we target to aim .

Ready to use

Let the customers get used to products since their first touch always drives us to work hard.


We can solve your problems of labor’s allocation with an offshore core, dedicated team and infrastructure.


Collecting the best people in the best team to implement international projects by the best way is how we work at our Offshore developing center. Thanks to application of standardizedly designed process and modern output control system, we can please our all customers with qualified products and wonderful services.


Businesses can make good use of our services to reduce the cost related to some unneccessary and unusual functions.


Business clients can put their full faith in BPO services provided by Lung Vang. Our application of Agile in any business phase contributes to accelerate the process from ideas into products given to our clients’ customers, which, in turn, supplies our clients with data to plan their new strategies meeting customers’ demands in the shortest time with the smallest mistakes.