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Our products are not just made for the demand but also for inspiring customers.

Excellent features

Bearing the factors that can move the toughest hearts is the only expectation we target to aim .

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Let the customers get used to products since their first touch always drives us to work hard.


We make your every second spent on our programs a valuable investment to explore the wonderful world.


The boom of technology has made the television products like documentary, gameshow, talkshow become increasingly divers and globally accessible, which creates an opportunity for us to exploit this vast market.

Lung Vang guarantees our customers with high-class TV programs on many fields: economics, culture, politics, entertainment, cuisine, etc with a number of experienced editors, technicians, moviemakers, camaramen.

What makes us distinguished from thousands of competitors is the way we convey not only attractive contents but also long-lasting meanings through our programs so that every second our audiences spend with us can be the best moments.


Once you are disturbed by millions information every day, you need Lung Vang as a trusted source to learn about the world.


In a field that customers are more and more immune to articles due to their aggeration of the truth, we declare to restore the interest and faith of our customers through:

  • The production of qualified and updated news on a plenty of fields from economics to scientifics, from entertainment to technology
  • Optimized website to increase interactions between audiences and journalists
  • Modern CMS together with responsive designs and flexible publishing process contributes to well-organized online newspapers
  • Flexible publishing process from online to offline, from television to mobile
  • Responsive e-newspaper on every screen


Our service empowers you with a tool to control your all marketing strategy from the very first idea to the final result.



Providing customers with strategic planning and hands-on marketing expertise, we can spread our customers’ images all over the area they want. With our wide range of service offerings, our customers are always able to find out enough solutions for reaching their any goal.


We offer clients tools to post their banners, pop-ups, pop-unders on newspapers of Lung Vang network which has connections in almost all fields and reaches millions of customers all over the world so that their messages can be conveyed to right people in the right time.


Advertising is nothing but content. By mean of advertisement, you convey your messages to move the heart of your desired audiences; thus, they put their belief on you. This sounds really great; however, it is not always easy to make your audience understand you. That’s why you need Lung Vang to convert your inside thoughts into texts, images, videos, etc to move the toughest souls of your customers.


If you want an event to tell your own stories in the most interesting way, Lung Vang is your best choice.


Lung Vang gathers the most talented organizers with admirable ideas, wonderful commitments and great ambition of bringing the best moments to any attendee in any event. What we offer to you is not just an event itself but rather a powerful tool for connecting people with wonderful stories thanks to our:

  • Professional, comprehensive & cost effective administration service
  • Highly targeted marketing exposure for the event
  • Efficient & simple administration system for participants
  • Relatively large increase in number of entrants


Tooled with the global dedicated journalists, we can assure you with the lasted interesting news updated every second.



Millions of news updated by seconds makes Lung Vang the fatest provider of news to our clients.

Besides, to catch up with the unstoppable development of global press industry, we apply 360 Panorama technology into making featured sources of image, giving our customers the best photos on any field they want.


Contemporary and Humanity makes the script we make copies of noone. We tell stories of life through our script, turning them from very normal things into meaningful arts, perfectly combining between beauty and reality.