Lung Vang desires to be a house for dozens of business sectors.

Focusing on no single division, Lung Vang chooses the strategy of bringing all suitable fields together, letting them support each other; hence, any of them will reach to the zenith.

Media & Communication

Providing products and services on various fields: press, television, advertising, movies, events, marketing, etc, Lung Vang media was launched to create breakthroughs in media industry.

Software as a service

Global digitization is the source for our creation of Lung Vang online, which provides technological solutions to a number of Internet users through various channels such as payment gateways, game portal, etc.

Game Publisher

Customer can find the best entertainment with our various source of games listed in our bechmark whose calculations base on views, downloads, plays and buys.

Venture Capital

To stimulate the spirit of risk-taking from our young generations, we create Lung Vang capital which give opportunities for potential startup projects in the field of technology and communication.

Development Center

Lung Vang LeximIT can be seen as a world-wide tunnel which transfers IT elites between Vietnam and other countries throughout the world. Cargoes conveyed through our tunnel include ordered websites, soft-wares, offshore HR and data.

System Integration

Customers who are no longer happy with their current system can find answers at our ITC which provide solutions and technologies to better their systems, expanding what they can work with their computers.

Recent Works

B2B marketplace

Establishing an online market where occurs tradings between fashion companies

Holiday Beach

Making big differences from other Online marketing service providers by supporting customers with total solutions

QTN Global

Making a new social network for talents all over the world to learn, experience and develop themselves


Regularly listing and uploading lasted games for the audiences to play, download or buy.

Welcome to Lung Vang

Originating from Silicon Valley, Lung Vang has gone halfway around the world to appear in Vietnam, where we can write our own story of building a golden valley at a beautiful city named Danang.

    So far, it is the biggest dream we have cherished. And currently, it can potetially be the sweetest fairy tale come true in 21th century with the birth of Lung Vang, marvelous ground nuturing wonderful combinations between communication, entertainment, technology, hardware and software under the hands of the passionate young talented workforce.

After years pleasing thousands of customers all over the world through a number of subsidiaries in the United States, Korea, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, we now have enough faith and confidence to announce the emergence of Lung Vang in which, again, thousands of ambitions are raising and waiting to be blossomed.

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