Creative ideas

Our products are not just made for the demand but also for inspiring customers.

Excellent features

Bearing the factors that can move the toughest hearts is the only expectation we target to aim .

Ready to use

Let the customers get used to products since their first touch always drives us to work hard.

Press brand

With word-wide journalists and newspapers, Lung Vang confirm to publish the most updated news

Crowdsource newspapers

A very new notion Lung Vang has brought to Vietnam for amateur journalists to have operational environment.

Blog/CMS/Portal Saas

Lung Vang media provide customers with platforms so that they can create their own online newspapers.


Banners, pop-ups, ads, etc through Lung Vang system can be placed on all websites in our network.

Online Marketing

Total marketing solutions, including social, PPC, SEO differ Lung Vang’s work from other competitors.